Find Out Exactly Who's Visiting Your Website!

See who’s visiting your website – even if they don’t fill out a form!

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Turn ANONYMOUS Website Traffic Into Real Contacts You Can Action Immediately!

See who’s behind the clicks and how to connect with them.

With just one piece of code, Lead Lightning can give you names, contact information, and more.

Unlock the potential to identify 5X more leads from your anonymous website traffic and pinpoint your most promising prospects with Lead Lightning.

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Lead Lightning is a powerful solution to transform anonymous traffic into quality leads. Maximize your sales strategy with these outstanding benefits:

Boost Lead Generation

Convert website traffic into potential leads. Discover comprehensive details about your

Increase Conversions

Prioritize engagement with interested visitors while they are focused on you and your products or services.

Lead Management

Create custom audience for precise sales and marketing strategies

Improve Email Marketing

Convert interest into action with email tracking.

Optimize your email marketing based on key performance metrics.

Win Back Business

Utilize alerts to reconnect with past leads or customers showing renewed interest.

Manage Leads More Effectively

Create custom audience for precise sales and marketing strategies

Automate Lead Flow

Integrated automation for your marketing & sales through detailed built-in workflows and one click integration to any outside software.

Lightning. Hot List

Get visibility on who is interacting with your owned channels and identify the most likely purchasers, putting you back in control the purchasing cycle.

Using the latest in data analysis Lead Lightning gives businesses visibility over who is interacting with their primary owned digital channels – website and email.

Website visitors are identified and matched using an identity resolution graph powered by our world-leading data co-operatives that can return demographic and firmographic data to enrich a customer profile with up to 30 additional fields.

The Total Package

Gain Full Control of the Sales with Confidence

Turn site visits into prospects

Our data platform helps identify 5x more leads from your anonymous website traffic.

Prospects into customers

Spot buying signals and know which leads are interested so you can take advantage of a hot opportunity again.

Customers into repeat business

Know when existing customers are back in the market with our advanced tracking and real-time notifications.

Website Visitor Tracking Software

What information does our visitor tracking software provide?

Our website visitor tracking tool provides 5x more leads via our robust identity network. Website visitors are identified and matched using an identity resolution graph powered by our world-leading data co-operatives that can return demographic and firmographic data to enrich a customer profile with up to 30 additional fields.

Website visitors are identified and matched using our world leading identity resolution graph & data co-operatives including demographic, firmographic, and activity data.

79% more leads are closed when they are reached within 5 minutes of engaging with your content

Lead Lightning goes beyond just shining light on all the people engaging with your website and email – it actually identifies the most likely ‘next purchasers’ and lets you leverage the natural flow of your daily email traffic to advertise your latest products and services.

  • Lead intelligence

  • CRM/MA - Build asset register

  • High value prospect identification

  • Open and link click notifications

  • Brand enhancement

  • High value engagement notifications

  • Retargeting lists

  • Cross-sell with 'digital billboards'

Boost your sales with Lead Lightning

  • Real-time anonymous website visitors identification

  • Detailed visitor information, including company name, industry, location, and online behavior data

  • Automatic lead generation and audience segmentation for improved targeting

  • Enhanced custom audience management for precise sales and marketing strategies

  • Direct integration with your all marketing and sales platforms via Zapier

Focus on the hottest leads and opportunities

Lead Lightnings’s website visitors tracker not only turns site visits into prospects but also enables you to create custom audiences using a wide range of filters. Seamlessly connect these audiences to your marketing and sales services through Zapier.

Convert interest into action

Lead Lightning overlays the data with your email interactions, delivering a complete prospect overview. So now you can identify your most engaged prospects and have the tools needed to communicate with them successfully.

Streamline your sales prospecting efforts

Lead Lightning helps improve sales efforts by providing actionable sales leads and enhancing sales prospecting efficiency.

Identify hidden sales opportunities with Lead Lightning, target B2C & B2B customers, and improve engagement strategy. Our platform makes it easier to connect with your prospects and turn them into loyal customers.

Sell to the best, grow the rest

Supercharge your lead management by identifying, segmenting, and engaging with your website visitors effectively, ensuring that no lead goes unnoticed. It’s the key to unlocking the full potential of your website traffic.

Build custom audiences to segment your website visitors using various filters on our user-friendly dashboard. Create custom audiences for precise sales and marketing strategies.

Stop guessing and start making data-driven decisions with

Empower your team with the knowledge they need to close more sales deals

With Lead Lightning, you will know who is visiting your website and who is interacting with your emails.

The key to successful sales and marketing is having a deep understanding of your potential buyers. That is why our powerful data analysis platform combines your identified site visits data and email interactions data to help you find your most engaged list of prospects.

With Lead Lightning, you can identify anonymous website visitors, segment users, and enrich their profiles with relevant information,all in one place.

Boost your marketing and sales performance

Lead Lightning empowers you to discover valuable insights and unleash the full potential of your marketing and sales data. Get crucial insights into your prospects and customers, including their company information, contact and professional details.

See email and proposal engagement, identify high-value leads for retargeting, and convert email signature space into a banner promotion to sell your products and services.

Leverage our data platform to take your marketing and sales efforts to the next level.

Stay ahead of the competition with Lead Lightning’s real-time alerts

Are you tired of missing out on opportunities?

With Lead Lightning, you can identify and reconnect with potential customers who have shown interest in your product or service.

Our Back-in-market Alerts provide real-time notifications when customers engage with your emails.

With Lead Lightning, you’ll never miss a potential sale.

Identify and prioritize leads with the greatest potential

Book a demo today and see how Lead Lightning can help you focus on the hot leads.

How it works

We’re tracking who visits your website and enriching their profiles. This dataset is matched with your email, highlighting where there is overlap between your website traffic and email interactions, providing you with the valuable insights you need to close your next deal.

Where does the data come from?

Website visitors are identified and matched using an identity resolution graph from a leading US data cooperative to provide demographic and firmographic data.

An identity resolution graph is a collection of data that links multiple identifiers or touch points of a specific user or entity across various devices, channels, and platforms. It helps companies and marketers to create a unified view of an individual or a household across different interactions, devices, and platforms. By consolidating data from various sources, an identity graph provides a more comprehensive and accurate representation of an individual's behavior and preferences.

Identity resolution graphs are commonly used in digital marketing, where they help to improve targeting, segmentation, and attribution.

What is the Data Co-Operative?

The cooperative was built from a model where billions of consumed signals are received from its members daily to deliver the culmination of useful data. The Co-Op ecosystem was created to ensure fixed-priced access to undisrupted data and services with no dependencies on traditional 3rd party suppliers.

Short Explanation for 1 & 2: The data comes from a US data cooperative of companies that have banded together to provide unified data at a fixed price across different interactions, devices, and platforms using a method that links data together by multiple identifiers or touch points.

Who is in the Data-Coop?

For privacy reasons we cannot share company names, but the member’s categories include:

  • Email service providers

  • Account based marketing

  • Demand side online ad platform

  • Supply side online ad platform

  • Sales lead accelerators

  • Marketing automation

What is the value of this data as opposed to other data sources?

Data sourced through the co-op is better because:

  • It is data that is in active use and updated with corrections daily, rather than sourced from sources that quickly become out-of-date.

  • The data is under active development and the co-operative continues to grow so sources and additional data points are frequently added.

  • The identity graph allows for connection of data points together that could otherwise be hidden.

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored in the United States:

  • Member Co-Op data is stored in the AWS cloud.

  • Lead Lightning data is stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

What compliance and security is in place to protect the data?

CCPA compliance: A set of privacy rules and standards that covered entities need to follow to protect the personal information of California residents.

GDPR aligned: At its core, GDPR Compliance means an organization that falls within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meets the requirements for properly handling personal data as defined in the law.

NIST 800 standards implemented: Is the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the U.S. Department of Commerce. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework helps businesses of all sizes better understand, manage, and reduce their cybersecurity risk and protect their networks and data.

Packages & Pricing

Choose from one of our plans below. No Locked In Contracts. Cancel Anytime

Prospect Smarter Using the Power of Ai

Business Is Easy When You Can Find Your Ideal Clients

Identify them in three ways:

Industry Type and Location

Search by business type or industry in any location in the world

People/Position Type

Search for people by their position or role within a company


Search for a list of employees based on a specific company

Finds You Leads

Tell our system about your ideal client and in what city you want to find them, with one click our search intelligence will produce results with their contact information.

Starts Your Conversations

Our Ai bots then get to work to begin conversations with those ideal clients on your behalf, telling them who you are and what you do.

You Make Sales

When they interact with our conversations, open emails, click or reply, we notify you immediately so that you can call them and make sales.

Revolutionizing Traditional Ad Management

We’ve Redefined The Landscape of Facebook Ad Management By Developing A Fully Integrated Sophisticated Yet User-friendly System

Create, Run and Manage your ads on Facebook, Instagram & Audience Network. This includes the Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed, Instagram and Facebook Stories, Facebook Search Results, Facebook Instant Articles and the Audience Network Native, Banner and Interstitial.

Launch Ads In 3 Clicks

Launch ads directly from our system, easily adjust budgets, turn campaigns on/off, and run landing page, lead form, or messenger campaigns for flexible ad management.

Precision Ad Targeting

Automatically target ads locally using FB Page addresses or by city, state, or zip codes. Create custom and Lookalike audiences for clients in a single click for targeted ad reach.

Analysis and Improvement

See a breakdown of performance by template, and ad creative, and monitor campaign performance in real-time. We help optimize proven results/metrics for transparency and growth.

Leverage Our Ad Templates

Scale with ease, leveraging our rich template library with the best ads for your industry. Enjoy the benefits of a fixed cost structure that supports scalable growth.

Amazing Training & Support

We’re committed to your success. That’s why we offer continual training and access to industry leaders. We give you everything you need to run a successful ads, including insights from the best in the business.

Harness AI Ad Tools

Forget about the complexities of traditional ad creation. Our AI-powered ad template tools make it easy to create effective, professional Facebook ads. No need for a design or coding background - our AI does the heavy lifting for you.

Our "Easy to Use System" Is So Easy Because We Are Here Every Step Of The Way...

In Addition To The Most Amazing Software On The Planet, You Get Success System's full Support and Backing...Every Step of The Way!

This is a Powerful Yet Easy-to-use Business Building Growth Program

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The Program includes our proprietary software, regular updates and ongoing training and support.

The Smartest Tools To Improve Your Business and Life!

Get Ahead And Stay Ahead

Here are some of the ways we support you and our Success Systems Community:

Office Hours

If you want to just ask a question, say high, or clear up some confusion we want to help!! These are live, free Q&A calls where we do our best to answer your questions and do live demos of the items mentioned. In case you miss it the Office Hours Calls will be live-streamed and the recording available afterward.

Weekly Training

There are several formats for this but they are always live with the recordings available afterwards. We do deep dive product tutorials "How To's", expert interviews and guest speaker visits. You will always be informed in advance.

Marketing Planner Calls

This includes our special monthly publication on marketing topics and a live coaching call. We will help you outlining marketing you should be planning for your business, three months out. Includes interactive conversations and ideas about big dollar promotions, social media posts, and more.

Business Builder Tips

Every week, we share valuable insights and strategies that can help you improve your business operations, increase sales, and boost your bottom line. From marketing and branding to finance and management, we cover it all.

Members Only Community

Think of it as a digital version of a club or organization. Members can participate in discussions, ask questions, and even collaborate on projects. It's a great way to meet new people and expand your knowledge on a particular topic.

FOMO Updates

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It's a feeling of anxiety or unease that arises when you think you might be missing out on something important or exciting. Don't worry we got you covered. We send out a weekly FOMO Email to make sure you don't miss anything

Advanced Features Include


AMAZING Rewards is a full-service, customer loyalty & rewards program designed for small to midsize business both brick & mortar and online.

Utilizing cutting-edge database and web technology, you can provide your customers with the service, rewards, and benefits of an easy-to-use, professional program previously available only to companies with big budgets!

Priority Support Upgrade

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Advanced Account Setup

If you’re ready to scale your business and grow without the added stress or burnout, our Advanced Account Setup Service can help you focus and hit the ground running. Have an expert walk you through and teach you how to grow and scale your business ensuring the use of our systems to the fullest!

Done For You Services

We offer social media marketing and social media advertising plans for top social networks including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest. Our plans are a fraction of what it would cost to hire a dedicated social media manager, and you’ll get a fully maintained campaign.


Ready To Increase Your Sales and Explode Your Profits While Working On Your Business, Not So Much In It? If so, we can Help!

Our coaching program is a meaningful and useful experience that produces rapid results. Access is limited, you have to be the right person. There is an application and approval process.


We understand that every business is unique, which is why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced consultants can help you identify areas for growth and improvement, develop strategies to increase revenue and profitability, and provide ongoing support to ensure your success.

With Our System You Will Be Able To:

Generate Leads With One Click

Tell our system who you are looking for and in what location and watch it get to work to generate you hundreds of leads at the click of a button.

A.I Conversations

AI converse with and qualify your leads via SMS, email and voicemail

Have Your Own AI Booking Appointments

for you with up to 100 conversations per minute.

One Unified System To Broadcast The World

AI converse with and qualify your leads via SMS, email and voicemail

How Will You Use Our Amazing System?

Automatically scour the internet and find your perfect customers

Create and post your SEO and Social content on auto pilot

Ethically spy on your competitors to see exactly where they are getting your potential customers

Generate your ideal leads with one click on demand

Converse with perfect customers via text and email autonomously

Book your appointments for you

Watch the internet 24/7 to alert you if your brand or name is mentioned

Alert you of people publicly search for your services in your area

Run your very own online and brick & mortar loyalty rewards programs

Generate customer reviews on demand with our foolproof referral system.

Know when someone is talking about you or your company online with real time alerts.

Receive exclusive weekly training on how to grow your company.

Build websites and funnels with the click of a button on your own custom domain

Be alerted when someone is publicly searching for your product or service online.

Track and record Every call Track and record Every call that comes through to your business

Engage with every prospect that comes to your virtual door (website) in real time

Launch courses or training portals with your own Learning Management System

Manage every customer and deal on one CRM dashboard

Create surveys and forms to gather customer information in one place

Track your own advertising and know exactly where your web traffic is coming from

Manage your customer support requests with a robust ticket system

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