Secure and enhance your online reputation with our comprehensive Review & Reputation Management services. We monitor, manage, and strategize to maintain a positive and trustworthy image for your brand, addressing issues proactively and amplifying positive feedback.

Trust us to be the guardians of your brand’s reputation.

Welcome to our Reputation Management Services, where we understand the immense value of your brand’s reputation and are dedicated to protecting and enhancing it. In today’s digital world, a strong and positive online presence is crucial for success.

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Here’s how our services can help safeguard and elevate your brand’s image:

Online Monitoring

Stay informed with our comprehensive monitoring services. We keep a vigilant eye on what’s being said about your brand across various platforms, ensuring you’re always aware of public perception and any potential issues.

Positive Content Promotion

Amplify the good news. We help promote positive content about your brand, whether it’s customer testimonials, success stories, or community involvement, to ensure that what shines through is your brand’s best self.

Review Management

Harness the power of customer feedback. We manage and respond to reviews across platforms, thanking customers for positive reviews and addressing any negative feedback promptly and professionally.

Crisis Management

Be prepared for the unexpected with our crisis management services. We help develop and implement strategies to mitigate negative publicity, protecting your brand’s reputation and ensuring a swift and effective response.

Strategic Consulting

Benefit from our expert advice. We provide strategic consulting to help you build and maintain a positive brand image, offering tailored recommendations based on your unique challenges and goals.

Social Media Management

Keep your social media presence positive and engaging. Our team manages your social media profiles, ensuring that interactions reflect the values and professionalism of your brand.

Reporting and Insights

Stay on top of your reputation with our detailed reporting. We provide regular insights into your brand’s online presence, tracking improvements and identifying areas for further enhancement.

SEO for Reputation Management

Control the narrative with SEO strategies tailored for reputation management. We work to ensure that positive content ranks higher in search results, overshadowing any negative or irrelevant links.

In a world where your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability, let us help you ensure it’s always working in your favor. Contact us today to learn more about how our Reputation Management Services can protect and enhance your brand’s image.

Let’s build a reputation that opens doors and drives success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online reputation management software?

An online reputation management software, or review software, helps you build a strong online presence and boost credibility with your potential customers using reviews. A good review software should let you solicit reviews from your present and past customers, help you with customer review management across sites, and leverage reviews wherever they’re likely to be noticed by your customers.

Why is online reputation management important?

98% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. An online review management platform helps you build credibility with potential customers using reviews. It also boosts your SEO and helps you attract more customers on Google.

What are the key capabilities within Review Success?

Reviews Success lets you:

- Generate and manage reviews from 100's of review sites

- Manage all customer communication from one inbox

- Respond to reviews easily with templates and rules

- Amplify reviews to your website, social, paid ads, and search

- Track reviews, NPS, response times, and more from one dashboard

How much does Review Success cost?

We offer plans that are customized for your business based on the number of locations you operate and the solutions that you need. Take a look at our pricing page for more details.

What reporting capabilities do I have with Review Success?

We give you complete visibility into your online reputation management program. You can track reviews over time or by location, review sites, region, or country. You can also know the response times and response rates at a location or individual level. You can also uncover the customer sentiment and top themes in your customer feedback so that you can improve your products and services consistently.

Can I ask my customers to review my business?

Yes, you should. Customers talk about their brand experiences all the time - be it with family and friends or on social media and online forums. Soliciting reviews helps you channel customer feedback to your brand’s advantage and build a strong online reputation. It also uncovers insights that can help you improve your products and services.

Can I exclude unhappy customers from my review campaigns?

We recommend that you send review requests to all your customers so that your online reputation is a true reflection of your brand’s customer experience. Consumers understand that no brand is perfect, and a couple of bad reviews actually make your business look genuine. Excluding unhappy customers from review campaigns can also amount to review gating, which might lead to penalties from Google or other legal and financial damages for your brand.

It is possible to send your customers through an internal review process and create actions around ratings such as anything 3 or below gets referred to management and anything 4 or 5 gets sent to post it publicly. this gives you an opportunity to connect with an unhappy customer before it escalates into a bad review.

Should I offer incentives in exchange for reviews?

We strongly recommend that you don’t offer incentives in exchange for reviews. While this approach might seem appealing to get more positive reviews, it comes with inherent risks that might damage your brand in the long run. Firstly, consumers today are savvy and can easily see through such tactics, which might lead to an irreparable loss of trust. Secondly, Google is against review gating, which includes offering incentives for reviews. Upon detection, Google might suspend or terminate your business profile which can be detrimental for your brand.

Should I send my customers reminders to leave reviews?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend not being too pushy when asking for reviews. Marketing Made Easy allows you to automatically send a reminder email with a customizable delay in case customers don’t respond to your initial outreach.

What is the best time to respond to reviews?

You should respond to a review, whether good or bad, within 24 hours. This is important in preventing issues from blowing up on channels like social media and in building a reputation for your brand as one that cares for its customers' feedback. We offer you the ability to build custom templates and response rules, making sure no review goes unanswered.

How should I deal with negative reviews?

Getting an odd negative review is completely normal, as it’s not possible to satisfy each and every customer. The first thing you should do is respond to the negative review in a personalized and empathetic manner. Next, if the issue can be fixed, turn the negative review into a customer service ticket and resolve it the soonest you can. Once this is done, you can ask the reviewer for a second chance and request them to update their review.

How can I get rid of spam or defamatory reviews?

You can report slanderous or fake reviews to the respective review site like Google or Facebook. After running their own checks, these platforms can help you take down reviews that are not genuine.

Why should I market my reviews?

Online reviews are the currency of the modern customer experience. Featuring reviews wherever your potential customers are likely to look helps you build trust, improves your brand visibility, and wins you more customers.

Can I exclude negative reviews from showing up on my website?

We recommend that you feature all the latest reviews on your website, irrespective of the rating. This will help your brand look genuine and prevent penalties from Google against review gating practices. But our website review posting allows for many types of customization including only posting reviews of a certain star rating or higher. Example: You can post only ratings of 4 or 5 on your website through our widget if that is your preferrence.

Schedule a Discovery Call

The first step in identifying the best solution for your brand is helping us identify what your goals and challenges are through discovery.

  • Are you looking to unlock new types of customers in your area?

  • Do you need new tactics for long term growth?

  • Are you ready to launch a grand opening or rebranding for a Re-Grand Opening?

  • Are you trying to grow your loyal following or membership?

  • Have sales plateaued and in need of a lift?

The discovery phase is the first part of our process and helps us align which marketing products and strategies should be implemented first to achieve the requested outcome.

Run a Marketing Analysis of Your Location(s)

Our proprietary data & mapping technology allows us to run a thorough analysis of your location(s) and determine who your best customers are in a geofence around your location.

  • Understanding the market opportunity around your locations gives us insight on how we should throttle our digital marketing strategies to achieve the desired outcome.

  • We will plug in your address(s) and run each location through our perfect match modeling tool to help us define the best geofence for targeting.

Align Products With Marketing Goals

After discovery and analysis, we will make suggestions on which tools are best suited for your goals. While all of our marketing strategies work tightly together, we will suggestions based on several factors including:

  • Results of the map analysis and data model

  • Maturity and life-stage of the business or locations

  • Core objectives

  • Competition assessment

Build & Launch Your Campaigns

Once the plan has been defined, your Marketing Made Easy personal onboarding specialists will work with our internal departments to build and design each component of your campaigns. This includes:

  • Landing page creation and URL publishing

  • Professionally designed content

  • Wiring up text and email components

  • Building out digital and traditional audiences for targeting

  • Digital advertising tool set-up

  • Onsite testing of campaign flow

Drive Growth & Measure

As your digital marketing and traditional marketing campaigns are being launched, we will be setting up your marketing dashboard where all results will be stored and reviewed.

  • The marketing dashboard gives you comprehensive real-time insights into the success of each marketing tool and program that is active.

  • You are able to see all of the data you are collecting, study attribution and see KPIs that apply to your digital ad campaigns, postcard campaigns, text and email clubs, and memberships/loyalty data.

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Jonathan's coaching has helped in business and personally. We have learned how to market to existing customers, and how to attract and keep new guests. People are talking about us again and I feel like we will double our sales within one year using these methods.

Will Frost

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“I am the Proprietor for 191 Prime in Rutherfordton NC. Jonathan has been down here giving us some fantastic ideas. He has been wonderful at bringing things to the forefront of where we need to be going and where we are heading. Pay attention to what he has to say and you will be successful”

Pete Siviglia

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I really recommend you listen to anything he says

Just got out of a session with Jonathan and he's got really great advice; I really recommend you listen to anything he says. He’s given me some great ideas.

Peter Wright

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Terrific guy, really knows marketing

I am doing one on one coaching with Jonathan. One tip, while given with strong encouragement, has taken me from about 25% of the results I see to about 75% of the results I seek and not only that, but the increase is driving a whole new direction which will likely mean a 30% bump in revenue next year, plusmore as time goes on. It's huge for me!

I have gained focus [critical to success], clarity, greater commitment to goals and plans. I have gained insight and strategies for growth that have been invaluable to me personally and professionally. Just knowing I am going to speak with Jonathan drives greater focus and action. His energy is infectious.

"Jonathan, Thank you for the spot on marketing advice you've given me. You truly have an uncanny way of pinpointing exactly what I need to do grow my business! I wish you worked right here in my office so I could pick your brain all day!"

Jay Henderson

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Thank you so much. I just really appreciate it.

I feel empowered and, and yes, I’ll say it again… You are BRILLIANT

I just got off the meeting with you and I am so pumped i just feel like we've got some real, gosh, steps that we can take we had all these ideas pages and pages of ideas sent. 

You really help to hone ‘em down to some very few ideas, clarify it, give us some simple steps. I have a tendency to be creative and complicated and you allowed me to kinda get to the essence of these with some very good ideas, … 

I'm taking all of these notes and I'm going to sit down and rework our plans with this, so thank you so much. I just really appreciate it. I feel empowered and, and yes, I’ll say it again… You are BRILLIANT, Thank you!

Jessica Lloyd-Rogers

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Had I Known... I Would Have Saved Over $3,500" ...

If I had known just one of the many powerful (yet simple) tools that Jonathan teaches back in last year, I would have saved over $3,500 just in paying a copywriter who didn't know how to write a restaurant business plan... not to mention the days I would have saved in pain, agony, and turmoil trying to get my plan in the right persons hands!

I have one recommendation for you. Follow in my footsteps and listen to every word Jonathan has to say and buy everything he offers. He is an extremely honest guy... and charges way, way less than he should. (In fact, if he takes my advice, his prices will be going up soon. What you learn from Jonathan will save you untold hours…and even better, WILL put money in your bank account."

Stan Marin


Raleigh, NC

Massive Catering Sales Growth

Jonathan, Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what it takes to run a great catering business. Your ability to stay organized while helping me generate massive sales growth is a great testament of how to run a business. At some point, I hope that I can establish the amount of passion and dedication that you show on a daily basis. Thank you once again for all your hard work and effort.

Christopher Ricks

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