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Your marketing does not have to be hard to be more effective.

We combine digital and traditional marketing tools in one Easy-to-Use platform. Reach more consumers, generate more leads, and win more business.

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Open Letter To Business Owners (CLICK TO REVEAL)

Dear Business Owner, Entrepreneur and friend,

Welcome, I am glad you are here!

I am sure you've been working hard to make your business a success. Being a Business Owner isn't easy, not by a long-shot.

So, congratulations on your success to date!

We need to stop and celebrate every once in a while.

Sometimes being a business owner is a thankless job, but somehow, you manage to stay on top of things, and in your heart of hearts you know you can run your business better than anyone else.

But if you want to go from working in your business and instead have the business work for you, you can't do it all alone.

You need help reaching new customers to really grow your business and ultimately to free up some personal time so you're not grinding like a slave.

Unless you're one of those I-can-do-it-all types... in which case you can stop reading and leave now. There is no magic pill waiting for you here.


Brutal & honest?

Yes, you bet...I'm not here to serve everyone, only the ones that really want to succeed.

As you probably know, if we tried to target everybody we'd please nobody... (One of those golden rules of marketing..)

Knowing your audience ...

It's something we're big on around here, especially when helping and running campaigns for our clients...

So if you're ready to change and go from working in your business 24/7 to finally creating a lifestyle you've always dreamt of.

We can help!

We're experts in digital marketing, and we want to help you reach more people online than you ever thought possible.

All you have to do is book a discovery call with us and we'll show you how easy it is to get started.

If you want to book a call with me personally click the link below to book your free discovery call today!


Respectfully yours,

Jonathan Munsell

Founder & Creator

Success Systems

Marketing Made Easy

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Our mission is to

empower businesses to

achieve their goals!

We believe the right tools and automation can help improve everyone's life. Whether you are a business owner or the very customer engaging with that business.

We've built an all-in-one customer experience marketing platform with generative AI built in to help your business.

Our Platform Includes:

  • Lead Generation

  • Websites & Landing Page Optimization

  • Review & Reputation Management

  • Online Listings Accuracy

  • Simplified All-in-One Messaging

  • Social Media Management

  • Google & Facebook Ads

  • Business Automation

  • Payment Simplification

  • Referral / Rewards / Loyalty Programs

And So Much More!

Data Driven Marketing with a Local Focus.

Target Your Best Audience

Connect your business with your best audience and drive purchases and loyalty.

Leverage Local Marketing

Leverage our local marketing platform and access digital marketing tools to drive sales growth.

Make More Sales Faster

When your audience interacts with your conversations, open emails, clicks or replies, we notify you immediately so that you can take action and make sales.

We Help You G.R.O.W Your Business

Dominate Your Market, and Make More Money In Less Time.

Other companies make excuses.

We'd rather just make you money.

You Want More Customers And Zero Risk Of Wasted Budget. We Offer Just That!

Work With Us

We see ourselves as partners to our clients. Our process is to come alongside our clients to offer guidance, analyze locations and market area, share best practices and to put years of marketing expertise to work for you.


Expertise in Local Markets

We possess an in-depth understanding of local market trends and consumer behaviors. Our expertise allows us to craft strategies that are perfectly aligned with your target audience.

Customized Marketing Solutions

Every business is unique, and our approach reflects that. We provide customized marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Data-Driven Strategies

Our decision-making is anchored in data. We utilize the latest analytics tools to gather insights, enabling us to create marketing strategies that are not only creative but also results-oriented and measurable.

Commitment to Client Success

Your success is our priority. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, providing continuous support, and adapting strategies as your business evolves.

Customized Solutions


Marketing as a Service is a core offering.

It all starts with a well thought out plan that connects marketing with sales. We build actionable Go To Market plans and help our clients execute the plan with a variety of digital enablement tactics. We then provide a team of digital marketing experts at a fraction of the cost for clients. Clients get a dashboard to measure performance and a support team with an intense focus on sales.


In addition to helping you grow your sales and profits, we help you manage your business by providing the framework and infrastructure to consistently maintain the powerful "Marketing Machine" we put in place for you.

We automate new customer acquisition, ongoing as well as one-off campaigns, scheduling and reporting.


We work with clients in a discrete and preemptive manner to address underperforming businesses.

Our approach is geared to turn potentially troubled situations into opportunities for rejuvenation.


At the end of the day, it's all about growing sales and driving the value of your business.

Our Sales Engine programs are comprehensive. We have proven experience in generating sales qualified leads, sales playbooks, social selling, telesales, opportunity scoring and pipeline management.


The unequivocal, indisputable best part of what we do is receiving feedback like this from the thousands of awesome clients we help go from frustrated, overwhelmed and fed-up to confident and happy business owners each and every day... 

“We have seen $8,000 to $10,000 in additional revenue each month. I foresee even more growth in the coming months.”

Jonathan's coaching has helped in business and personally. We have learned how to market to existing customers, and how to attract and keep new guests. People are talking about us again and I feel like we will double our sales within one year using these methods.

Will Frost

Red River Steakhouses

Mclean, TX

Art Baca

Albuquerque, NM

Art of Detail

Jackie Kelm

Mount Pleasant, SC

Appreciative Living

Paul Apollonia

Raleigh, NC

Paul's Online Discount Store

More Great Customer Feedback

Pay attention to what he has to say and you will be successful

“I am the Proprietor for 191 Prime in Rutherfordton NC. Jonathan has been down here giving us some fantastic ideas. He has been wonderful at bringing things to the forefront of where we need to be going and where we are heading. Pay attention to what he has to say and you will be successful”

Pete Siviglia

191 Prime

Rutherfordton, NC

I really recommend you listen to anything he says

Just got out of a session with Jonathan and he's got really great advice; I really recommend you listen to anything he says. He’s given me some great ideas.

Peter Wright

4X Trading

South Africa

Terrific guy, really knows marketing

I am doing one on one coaching with Jonathan. One tip, while given with strong encouragement, has taken me from about 25% of the results I see to about 75% of the results I seek and not only that, but the increase is driving a whole new direction which will likely mean a 30% bump in revenue next year, plusmore as time goes on. It's huge for me!

I have gained focus [critical to success], clarity, greater commitment to goals and plans. I have gained insight and strategies for growth that have been invaluable to me personally and professionally. Just knowing I am going to speak with Jonathan drives greater focus and action. His energy is infectious.

"Jonathan, Thank you for the spot on marketing advice you've given me. You truly have an uncanny way of pinpointing exactly what I need to do grow my business! I wish you worked right here in my office so I could pick your brain all day!"

Jay Henderson

Real Talent Hiring

Raleigh, NC

Thank you so much. I just really appreciate it.

I feel empowered and, and yes, I’ll say it again… You are BRILLIANT

I just got off the meeting with you and I am so pumped i just feel like we've got some real, gosh, steps that we can take we had all these ideas pages and pages of ideas sent. 

You really help to hone ‘em down to some very few ideas, clarify it, give us some simple steps. I have a tendency to be creative and complicated and you allowed me to kinda get to the essence of these with some very good ideas, … 

I'm taking all of these notes and I'm going to sit down and rework our plans with this, so thank you so much. I just really appreciate it. I feel empowered and, and yes, I’ll say it again… You are BRILLIANT, Thank you!

Jessica Lloyd-Rogers

Coastal Lake News


Had I Known... I Would Have Saved Over $3,500" ...

If I had known just one of the many powerful (yet simple) tools that Jonathan teaches back in last year, I would have saved over $3,500 just in paying a copywriter who didn't know how to write a restaurant business plan... not to mention the days I would have saved in pain, agony, and turmoil trying to get my plan in the right persons hands!

I have one recommendation for you. Follow in my footsteps and listen to every word Jonathan has to say and buy everything he offers. He is an extremely honest guy... and charges way, way less than he should. (In fact, if he takes my advice, his prices will be going up soon. What you learn from Jonathan will save you untold hours…and even better, WILL put money in your bank account."

Stan Marin


Raleigh, NC

Massive Catering Sales Growth

Jonathan, Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what it takes to run a great catering business. Your ability to stay organized while helping me generate massive sales growth is a great testament of how to run a business. At some point, I hope that I can establish the amount of passion and dedication that you show on a daily basis. Thank you once again for all your hard work and effort.

Christopher Ricks

Jason’s Deli

Raleigh & Durham, NC

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Lead Lightning is Now Identifyly

Lead Lightning is Now Identifyly

June 06, 20242 min read


PRESS RELEASE: Success Systems LLC Acquires Lead Lightning, Rebrands as Identifyly

Cary, North Carolina - June 3, 2024 - Success Systems LLC, a prominent Cary-based company, has announced the successful acquisition of Lead Lightning, a renowned player in the digital marketing industry. Effective June 1, 2024, Lead Lightning will now operate under the new brand name Identifyly. The acquisition, executed for an undisclosed sum, marks a significant milestone in Success Systems' strategic expansion efforts.

Jonathan Munsell, Chairman & CEO of Success Systems LLC, expressed enthusiasm about the transition, stating, "Success Systems is very excited about this transition. We love the Lead Lightning brand, but we are confident that rebranding as Identifyly will offer our customers a more comprehensive suite of services." Munsell continued, "Identifyly's robust Anonymous Website Visitor Identification capabilities, coupled with AI-backed data enrichment and enhanced audience segmentation, will undoubtedly elevate our clients' experiences. This marks a real win for both our clients and our brand portfolio."

The integration of Identifyly into Success Systems' ecosystem reflects the company's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. With a focus on empowering businesses to better understand and engage with their target audiences, Identifyly aims to deliver unparalleled value through cutting-edge technology and tailored marketing strategies.

Identifyly's offerings include advanced analytics, personalized customer insights, and seamless integration with existing marketing platforms. By leveraging Identifyly's sophisticated tools, businesses can optimize their digital marketing efforts, drive conversion rates, and foster long-lasting customer relationships.

As Identifyly sets out on this new chapter under the umbrella of Success Systems, clients can expect continued excellence in service, enhanced product capabilities, and unwavering dedication to their success.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Stella Hoover
[email protected]

About Success Systems LLC:

Success Systems LLC is a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions, headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge technologies and personalized strategies, Success Systems empowers businesses to achieve their marketing goals and drive growth.
learn more at mysuccesssystems.com

About Identifyly:

Identifyly, formerly known as Lead Lightning, is a dynamic marketing platform that specializes in Anonymous Website Visitor Identification, AI-backed data enrichment, and audience segmentation. By leveraging advanced technologies, Identifyly enables businesses to unlock valuable insights, enhance targeting precision, and optimize their digital marketing efforts.
learn more at Identifyly.com

As an added bonus Identifyly will be offering a FREE TRIAL including account setup and 100 FREE Leads from it's core Anonymous Website Visitor Identification AI Bot, for a limited time.

Claim your FREE LEADS @ https://identifyly.com/free-trial

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Jonathan is a father of two amazing boys and is an entrepreneur living in Cary, North Carolina. He advises business owners with proven systems that accelerate sales, build concrete everlasting companies and generate scalable revenue and wealth for their employees and especially the owners. He has had a long successful career as a business owner, entrepreneur, coach and consultant. He has owned his own restaurants and catering company, successfully invested in several start-ups and other businesses. He currently owns an International Franchise with over 300 locations world wide and Success Systems which offers B2B services for Marketing Automation and Business Success Systems. Find out more @ JonathanMunsell.com

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Your marketing does not have to be hard to be more effective. We combine digital and traditional marketing tools in one Easy-to-Use platform. Reach more consumers, generate more leads, and win more business.

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